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Hey Kids! Welcome to the Dixon Fire Department Kids Zone. We firefighters, care greatly for the children of our community and want you to be fire safe out there. Remember, never play with matches, practice how to escape your homes with your parents, and always report to an adult something you see that is dangerous. Below are some activities to help you understand fire safety. We love coming to your schools and spending time with you, so be sure to look for us when we come by. You are always welcome to come to our home for a visit too! Just ask your parents to call the fire station first at (707) 678-7060

Brown Crayon
Blue Crayon
Orange Crayon
Green Crayon

Download and Print Coloring Pages

Truck 81
Engine 281

Click on the following links to visit some of our very special friends. Each of them has exciting games and activities for you to try.

Sparky the Dog
Smokey the Bear
Jet the Turtle