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  1. July PR Month

    July is Parks and Recreation Month

    Parks and Recreation programs provide for the well-being of the community and provide a place for children and adults to connect with nature and remain active. Dixon has many programs, including our popular swim programs with spots available still. Read on...
  2. Job Arrows

    Ready for a New Challenge or to put your Degree to Work? Check out our Job Options

    It is a new year in Dixon, we run on a fiscal year basis, and this growing community of 20,000 offers many wonderful job options whether it be public safety, admin support, info tech, or public works fields you wish to pursue. Read on...
  3. Vacation Watch

    Do you know about the Vacation Watch Program offered by Dixon Police?

    The Dixon Police Department website has an option to register for a residential Vacation Watch Program to request a house watch. Want a bit of peace of mind whilst you are on that camping trip, cruise or maybe a family reunion? Sign-up for this option. Read on...
  4. 2018 Water Consumer Confidence Report Available Online

    Each year, a water provider must prepare an annual report known as the Consumer Confidence Report sharing information about their water quality. This report summarizes the samples taken during 2018 by a certified laboratory for the City of Dixon system. Read on...
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