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Category: Administrative
Status: Closed






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Dixon (“City”) is requesting sealed bids (“Bids” or “Bid”) from licensed companies that are qualified bidders (“Bidders”) to remove and replace the audio and video equipment in the City’s council chamber room (“Project”), in accordance with this Request for Proposal (“RFP”).    



DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The City is soliciting proposals for Professional Services to update replace and add audio, video and control components to the City Council Chambers and Conference room facilities used by members of the City Council and staff. The current system was installed approximately over 20 years ago when the building was updated and includes a video room for a videographer to broadcast City related meetings. While a few pieces of equipment have been upgraded over the past few years the equipment has degraded and shows signs of wear and tear. Repair of the system is futile as replacement parts are scarce or non-existent. All technology upgrades must be able to work hand in hand with the system used to stream, record and archive all City Council meetings.   



The facility is comprised of three interconnected areas, the City Council Chamber, Conference Room, and video control room.  The system is best described as three live television production systems each connected to a video server system which distributes video and audio to the WAVE Broadband cable government broadcast for distribution. For redundancy, there will be two server systems for video routing.

The Project to be done hereunder will consist of removing the existing audio and video equipment and installing the following minimum equipment:


  1. Council Chamber and Conference Rooms:

a)    Robotic Camera Systems

  1. Council Chamber, cameras are to be replaced and shall be capable of High Definition and Standard Definition.
  2. Each camera will be connected with the ability for camera shading.
  3. Each camera will be tied into the control system and will receive a tally signal from the video switcher.
  4. Interface to Council Chamber audio video system.
  5. The Council Chamber currently includes an audio video presentation system with a source router. The router is to be replaced and the DVI output of the router will be fed through a new scalar as input to the video switcher. The VGA output of the scalar will be fed to an existing VGA DA to feed the Council Chamber displays.

b)    Broadcast Support Panels:

Broadcast support panels are to be installed in the Council Chamber and meeting rooms and cabling pulled to the equipment rack area and attached to the appropriate equipment. The contractor will be responsible for terminating the cabling into the equipment racks at patch bays. The panels support mic and line level audio, video inputs and outputs including a feed for press recording of audio and video.


  1. Audio

a)    Replacement of audio systems shall include any combination of amplifiers, preamps, breakout boxes, or additional equipment as necessary to operate the system.

b)    Replacement of twelve (12) gooseneck microphones (on dais and sta? areas, and public speaker podium) with updated microphone technology to ensure quality speech reinforcement for not only the audience but for digital recording as well.

c)    Add minimum of two (2) sound reinforcement speakers inside the Council Chambers to improve the audience’s listening experience.

d)    Replace existing wireless microphones with updated versions. Add additional microphones to provide a total of two (2) handheld microphones.

e)    Installation of a microphone cut o? switch at both the seat of the Mayor and the City Clerk.

f)     Provide any combination of additional equipment, cabling, and configuration necessary for the system to function properly.

g)    Recommend any additional improvements to the audio system that are not mentioned in the request for proposals.

  1. Video

a)    Replace existing display monitors on each side of the dais (no less than 55”) that can be readily seen by all audience members, including the information currently being seen via the video streaming program.

b)    Add seven (7) high definition monitors on the dais for Councilmembers that will display same content as main projection screen, with four (4) additional high definition monitors to be used by the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk and Assistant City Manager. The monitors shall be placed in a manner that does not interfere with the Council proceedings.

c)    Wireless presentation gateway that allows users to conduct a visual presentation wirelessly from any device, throughout the Council Chamber, and Conference Room.

d)    Replace three (3) existing mounted cameras with new cameras with HD capability. The three are to be pan, tilt, and zoom and one is steady mount. Video signal to be routed into an encoding device for online distribution.

e)    Replace existing DVD recorders with commercial grade recorders.

f)     Provide real time encoding and playback of the following formats:

  1. MPEG I frame(SD/HD)
  2. MPEG-2 IBP (SD/HD)
  3. DVC Pro
  4. DVC Pro 50
  5. DVC Pro HD
  6. XD Cam
  7. HDV

g)    Provide the following operational features:

  1. Recording of HD video in real time
  2. Playback of HD video in real time
  3. Preview output in addition to program output
  4. Automation system based on “stack play” or play at specific times
  5. Graphics overlay
  6. Still graphics on playlist events
  7. Crawl with RSS feeds
  8. Control of router for automatically switching between live production and playback of material stored on the server
  9. Bug overlay (for branding)
  10. Segment Utility for dividing clips for playback segments
  11. Remote server management
  12. Auto-loop for filling unscheduled time slots or recesses

h)    Provide any combination of additional equipment cabling and configuration necessary for the system to function properly.

i)     Recommend any additional improvements to the video system that are not mentioned in the Request for Proposals for consideration, for consideration by the City.

  1. Other Services

a)    While the Video Booth will house all the controls for the video technology and streaming capabilities, a separate control site for ease in handling the presentation, audio and video functions shall be installed at the City Clerk’s desk for switching between components during a meeting.

b)    Identify a program or solution that will allow the City Clerk to electronically communicate with the Mayor during the meeting.

c)    Purchase of a portable PA system for use on the Chamber steps. The City reserves the right to identify the preferred system.

d)    Integration of the AV Technology into a podium/lectern which is flexible enough to support a wide range of presentation; easy for anyone to operate, and functions consistently without technical issues. Will include a touch-screen panel to easily switch and control devices and is integrated with pretested AV equipment that ensures reliability. The City reserves the right to identify the preferred system.


a)    Vendor will provide up to three training sessions to cover complete operation of the updated system. The trainings should include specific operation of each of the components and how they will be used in a meeting setting. One of the trainings should be conducted under a mock meeting scenario.

b)    Vendor will provide two (2) training manual documents, one (1) digital.pdf training manual document, and one (1) printed binder with operating manuals for all new/updated equipment.


Vendor will provide warranty on all equipment as warranted per the equipment manufacture with a minimum one-year warranty on all equipment and installation defects per state contractor’s license laws.


All equipment is to be replaced except for a new video switcher and character generator that were recently installed, unless this equipment will not work with the new system.


a)    The project budget To be determined.

b)    Project shall be priced as a lump sum with options for the City to pay on a three year installment plan.



Project work to be coordinated with City sta? as to minimize the impact to regularly scheduled City Council meetings. The preferred project completion would be no later than the end of November 2017. However, this time frame is flexible based on vendor timeline, as well as the potential remodel of the Council Chamber if funding is secured.


a)    All equipment shall be tested and pre-configured by vendor before delivery and subsequent on site installation. Configuration shall be completed as specified by City sta? or their designated representative. Installation and configuration of all equipment bid includes all connections, installation, configuration, and coordination with local cable carrier to implement a complete working video production, recording and playback system.

b)    The work to be provided by Contractor shall include labor, materials, equipment, and services necessary or reasonably incidental to the installation of a complete and fully functional production, recording and playback system.

c)    All materials supplied for this project must be new and completely tested before installation and cut-over.

d)    Storage space on the premise will be limited. Therefore, equipment and materials deliveries, storage, and work must be planned accordingly.

e)    All installation personnel must be factory trained. All station equipment and cable installers must have received professional training and be certified for this purpose.

f)     Contractor shall be responsible for the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive cut-over plan which includes a schedule of tasks and dates by which they must be accomplished. The cut-over plan must be included with the bid package. This plan shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, specifying:

  1. Equipment delivery
  2. Installation tasks
  3. Anticipated “down time,” if any, and
  4. Project description timeline

g)    Equipment requirements to include equipment racks and control room furniture. Design to be approved by the City.

h)    Equipment shall be firmly held in-place and comply with all building code requirements. Fastenings and supports shall be adequate to support their loads with ample safety factors.

i)     Installation of the system must be accomplished in the safest possible manner to protect the property of the City of Dixon and its employees and their health.  The contractor accepts full responsibility for damages caused by the installation.

j)     Care must be exercised during installation to avoid damage to all in-place wiring and equipment. Connections shall be made with approved mechanical connectors. Any wiring and connections installed by the contractor shall be installed in strict accordance with California Electric Code, Building Standards Codes, and accepted industry practices.

k)    The City shall have the right to request changes in the system configuration and shall furnish with reasonable promptness any required additional instructions by means of change orders, necessary for the execution of the work. The Contractor shall not perform work without written instructions. No changes shall be made, nor will changes, alterations, modifications, deviations, and/or additional orders be recognized or paid for, except upon prior order of the City.

l)     The Contractor shall perform all work in full compliance with local, state and federal health and safety regulations. Contractor shall immediately correct any dangerous condition caused or resulting from their work. If Contractor fails to correct, or to act diligently to correct any condition, which the City reasonably believes to be a hazard to persons or property, then immediately upon oral or written notice to any supervisory or similar personnel of successful Contractor, the City may, but shall not be required to correct such issues at the Contractor’s expense. The City shall confirm in writing any oral notice given within five (5) day thereafter.


a)    In developing these specifications, the Contractor must identify hardware and software components that will provide a complete, turn-key audio and video production and server system for the City of Dixon that will meet the City’s needs for a minimum of seven (7) years. The system must be easily expandable to accommodate new software, added features, or future needs.

b)    Contractor must submit a detailed written project plan identifying dates and steps required to completely install, configure, cut-over, and test the new system. The plan must address and include product delivery services and logistics, including delivery schedules and return policies; product staging, including equipment setup, configuration, burn-in and testing; onsite installation including equipment setup, configuration, connection, testing and removal and disposal of existing equipment. All coordination with WAVE Broadband cable must be done by Contractor and must be included in the project plan. A training plan for technical sta? and users must also be included as previously noted.

c)    All specified hardware and associated software purchased for this project must be provided and installed by the Contractor. It is incumbent upon Contractor to identify and include any additional equipment or installation services required to fully complete the project. Installation and testing will be overseen by City Information Systems designated representatives.

d)    Any additional cabling for television production systems, power protection, needed components such as UPS’s computers, servers, or other devices and/or racking components are the responsibility of the Contractor. Any requests for design modification, equipment substitutions, or change orders shall be reviewed and approved by the Information Systems designated representative.

e)    The right to general supervision by the City shall not make a Contractor an Agent of the City and the liability of the Contractor for all damages to persons or to public property, arising from the Contractor’s execution of the work, shall not be lessened because of such general supervision. The City shall supervise the Contractor only as to the result to be accomplished but not as to the means to accomplish such result.

f)      The general concept and design of the system is intended to use the existing WAVE Broadband Cable head end currently used for the City’s connection to broadcast City meeting and provide recording services. In the event proposed system does not interface to the existing WAVE head end as well as new digital head end, all costs associated with replacing and/removing lines must be included.

g)    Vendor shall provide hardware, software and related components.

h)    Installation of all hardware and software must be done with minimal disruption of City staff. This may require work to be done after hours, on weekends, and /or holidays.

i)     City sta? will not be available to assist in any manner to install, configure, connect cables, etc. All connections and/or wiring including disconnecting old systems shall be done by Contractor.

j)     Configuration of hardware and installation of any software must be done in advance of taking the existing audio video system off-line, where possible.

k)    Disconnection of existing equipment and installation of new equipment must be coordinated with the Information Systems designated sta?. It is anticipated that this will be done during regular business hours and/or weekends.

l)     Contractor is responsible for coordinating interface and testing of signal path to WAVE Broadband and others as necessary.

m)  Any modifications, addenda, amendments or changes to this scope of work will be distributed to all potential vendors. Bidders are required to acknowledge receipt of any such addenda and attach it to the bid form.


Any Contractor may inspect the City Council Chambers room, conference room, and/or audio video control room prior to submitting a bid at times as noted later in this document.


Additional task order assignments beyond the scope may be required as the City believes it to be in the best interest of the City.


The City Council has the discretion to select more than one successful Bid and divide the Project among multiple Bidders as it deems appropriate. A successful Bid shall be based upon a weighing of all of the following factors (the “Factors”):

(1)  Bid price;

(2)  Availability;

(3)  Installation timelines;

(4)  Type of equipment bid for the install;

(5)  Warranty and workmanship guarantee;

(6)  Service maintenance availability.


SUBMISSION OF BIDS:  Qualified and interested parties may submit Bids to the City Clerk at City Hall located at 600 East A Street, Dixon, California no later than 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 17, 2017, at which time all Bids will be publicly opened and read by the City Clerk.  No late Bids will be considered.  Bidders may mail Bids at their own risk, however it is recommended that bids are delivered in person.

GENERAL LEGAL REQUIREMENTS:  Each Bid submitted to the City Clerk must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked as follows:

Proposal for Removing and Installing the Audio and Video Equipment in the City Council Chambers to be opened at 3:00 p.m. PST, Thursday August 17, 2017.

Each Bid must be submitted using the forms provided in this RFP packet.

Once a Bid has been submitted to the City Clerk, it may not be withdrawn.

SUBMISSION RESTRCITIONS: No oral, text, fax, or telephone proposals or modifications will be considered. Proposals received after the established deadline will not be accepted.


RFP available on the City’s website                                                         July 14, 2017

Notification of Interest                                                                              Strongly Encouraged

Open House for prospective vendors (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)           July 26, 2017 & August 2, 2017

Deadline for written questions regarding RFP                                        August 8, 2017

RFP Proposal Due Date (by 3:00 p.m. PST)                                          August 17, 2017

Interview of considered vendors                                                               August 24, 2017

Request for City Council to award contract                                             September 12, 2017

QUESTIONS: Questions may be submitted by email to the City Clerk at or by mail to the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall located at 600 East A Street, Dixon, California until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.  The City cannot guarantee that it will be able to respond to every inquiry it receives. 


AWARD OF CONTRACT:  The award of the contract will be made to the Bidder who the City determines is most capable of providing services that fulfill all of the listed Factors.  All of the Factors will be weighted equally in the City Council’s review of the Bids.  The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids received in response to this RFP, to negotiate with any qualified source, or cancel in whole or in part this RFP if it is in the best interest of the City to do so.  Bidders may be required to submit revisions to their Bids as may result from contract negotiations, or to include additions or deletions to the scope of work.  All survey information, data and material ensuing from the Project shall be the sole property of the City and shall not be reproduced and published without the written consent of the City.  The City reserves the right to contract for the Project or portions of the Project with multiple Bidders.  The City Council reserves the right to waive Bid errors or to reject any and all Bids and to re-advertise for Bids.

Dated:  July 11, 2017

Leticia I. Miguel

City Clerk

Advertisement Dates:          July 16, 2017, July 23, 2017, August 6, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


NOTE: Any contract awarded pursuant to this RFP shall require compliance with all of the following technical specifications and other requirements.  Failure to so comply with these requirements shall be grounds for immediate termination of said contract.



The purpose of this RFP is to establish a contract for removing and installing the audio and video equipment in the City Council Chambers with the following minimum equipment:

  • Switcher, Four (4) Cameras, and Controller                                          

  • Digital Video Server                                                

  • High Definition Camcorder                        

  • DVD Recorder HHD Mastering DVD                               

  • Two (2) Wireless Portable Microphone                                      

  • Twelve (12) Programmable Switch Gooseneck Microphone  

  • Surround System                                                    

  • Cabling throughout the Chambers Room                                                                                   

  • Two 55 inch (or greater) Smart LED Televisions                                                          

  • Nine (9) Desktop Flat screens                                                      


To be a qualified Bidder the Bidder must have all licenses as required by the State Contractors License Board and be bonded and insured.


The contract will be awarded for the period of time required and agreed upon for the removal and installation of the audio and video equipment in the City Council Chambers.

Award of Bid and Termination of Contract.

The contract will be awarded to the Bidder or Bidders based on the listed Factors.  The City reserves the right to cancel any contract awarded based upon false information.



This form must be submitted with bid.

FOR SERVICES/SUPPLIES:  Removing and installing new audio and video equipment as noted in the RFP, including all associated equipment, wiring and cabling in the City Council Chambers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

To the City of Dixon:

The undersigned bidder (hereafter referred to as the “Bidder” or the “Contractor”) submits the attached Bid, and certifies as follows: (1) the only persons or parties interested in this Bid as principals are those named herein as Bidder; (2) this Bid is made without collusion with any other person, firm, or corporation; (3) in submitting this Bid, the Bidder has examined all of the Contract Documents identified below; (4) the Bidder proposes and agrees that if this Bid is accepted, the Bidder will execute and fully perform the contract for which Bids are called; (5) the Bidder shall perform all the work and furnish all the materials specified in the Contract Documents, in the manner and time therein prescribed, and according to the requirements as therein set forth; and (6) the Bidder shall take in full payment therefore, the prices set forth in the Pricing Proposal submitted with the Bid.


Performance of the services for which Bidder has submitted the Bid and payment for such services shall be subject to all terms and conditions contained in the Request for Proposals, including any addenda, or other requirements applicable to performance of the work and furnishing the services specified herein.  Such documents, referred to herein as the (“Contract Documents”), are fully incorporated herein by this reference and are collectively referred to as the (“Contract”).  By submitting this Bid, the Contractor agrees to fully perform each and every provision of the Contract, provided that City awards the Contract to the Contractor, and provided further that City shall have no obligation hereunder unless and until such award is made.  Contractor shall not make any changes to this form without City’s written approval, and any changes made without such approval shall be void.  In the event that the City awards the contract to the Bidder and additional terms must be negotiated, both City and Bidder shall negotiate in good faith to amend the Contract to add or amend such terms.




To Be Filled Out By Bidder

NAME OF CONTRACTOR:            ___________________________________________

ADDRESS:                                       ___________________________________________


PHONE No.:  _______________________       FAX No.:  _______________________

EMAIL:        _______________________CONTRACTOR LICENSE No._____________

STATE TAX I.D. No.:___________________FED. TAX I.D. No.:  ___________________

ADJUDICATION No.:                     _____________________

City of Dixon Business License No.:        _____________________

(Contract award will not be processed without a valid and current City Business License Number.)


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing information submitted in connection with this bid is correct and true.  Executed at ________________, California, this _____ day of ____________ 2017.

BY:                              ______________________________________________

                                    (Signature of authorized person)

PRINT NAME:          ______________________________________________


TITLE:                         ______________________________________________

Publication Date/Time:
7/13/2017 11:59 PM
Publication Information:
Advertisement Dates: July 16, 2017, July 23, 2017 and August 6, 2017
Closing Date/Time:
8/17/2017 3:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Sealed bids will be received by the City Clerk at City Hall, 600 East A Street, Dixon, California
Bid Opening Information:
All bids will be publicly open
Contact Person:
If you have questions regarding this project, call Leticia Miguel at 707-678-7000 (Ext. 1103)
RFP available on the City’s website July 14, 2017
Notification of Interest Strongly Encouraged
Open House for prospective vendors (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) July 26, 2017 & August 2, 2017
Deadline for written questions regarding RFP August 8, 2017
RFP Proposal Due Date (by 3:00 p.m. PST) August 17, 2017
Interview of considered vendors August 24, 2017
Request for City Council to award contract September 12, 2017
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